Indoor air quality, conspicuous as well as hidden sources of mold growth in homes, schools, work places, hotels, and public buildings are a major source of infection and illness, much of it undiagnosed.

While not everyone exhibits allergic symptoms when exposed to mold, the fungal colonies in the lungs and other parts of the body can be life threatening.

On this site, you will find herbs and essential oils for mold allergies, topical fungal infections, and serious yeast and fungal infections inside the body. You will find a diffuser and essential oils to use that inhibit mold growth plus a wide range of ingredients and glassware for do-it-yourself projects, including mold remediation and air quality management. Since we are currently introducing new labels, the discounted prices reflect our desire to phase in the new labels as quickly as possible. The quantity of available products with the old label is very small.

Mold Herbs Starter Kit

People who have been exposed to mold have many different symptoms depending on their immune responses, diet, and other treatments they have undergone. This kit is intended to cover several bases: allergies and loss of stamina, fungal lung infections, secretion of mycotoxins, and residual toxicity due to exposure to mold. For those who are confused and do not know where to start, these herbs along with the aromatherapy diffuser can help one to reach a more stable point where the choices can be fine tuned.


Contents: This kit contains an 8 ounce bottle of Jatoba, 4 ounces of Sun's Soma, 4 ounces of Mold Chikitsa, and one bottle of Kolorex, 60 gelcaps.


Professional Grade Nebulizing Aromatherapy Diffuser with Organic Essential Oil Blend

This starter kit is mainly intended for those who have had a mold or mildew problem that has been largely resolved. This means that the contaminated materials have been removed but there could still be some viable spores in the air ducts, carpeting, upholstery, bedding, or elsewhere in the living or work space. By diffusing oil, future mold growth will be inhibited. The diffuser needs to be used fairly intensely in the beginning and then only periodically. It is not recommended that people or pets are in the vicinity of the diffuser for more than 3-5 minutes at a time.

For pdf on the Diffuser, click here click here.

Alcohol: none

Contents: Contains one high quality nebulizing diffuser and one 30 ml. bottle of Ingrid's Diffuser Blend, a mixture of five organic essential oils.




For information on mold infection, mold detection,
and mold remediation, please visit Mold Misery



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